Ecology, Justice, Peace

Suggested Books

Suggested Videos

 Fred Pearce

  • When The Rivers Run Dry

Sunsan J. Marks

  • Aqua Shock

Dr. Nick Begich

  • Angels Don't Play This Haarp

Medea Benjamin

  • Drones

Rosalie Bertell, Gnsh, Phd

  • Planet Earth: The Last Weapon For War
  • No Immediate Danger

John Dear

  • A Persistent Peace
  • A Non Violent Life
  • Lazarus Come Forth
  • Mary Of Narareth; Prophet Of Peace
  • The Sound Of Listening
  • A Retreat Journal In The Thomas Merton Hermitage

Ilia Delio

  • The Unbearable Wholeness Of Being God,
    Evolution And The Power Of Love

Ed. Ilia Delio

  • Teilhard To Omega

Theresa L. Flores

  • The Slave Across The Street
    The True Story Of An American Teen Who Survived
    The Wolrd Of Human Trafficking

Elena Freeland

  • Chemtrails, Haarp And The Full
    Spectrum Dominance Of Planet Earth

E.G. Valleanits

  • Poison Sping
    The Secret History Of Pollution And The Epa

A Sea Change - Image A World Without Fish

Blue Gold, World Water Wars From Pbs

Chasing Ice: Stunning Footage Of Accelerated Glacial
Collapse in Greenland, Iceland And Alaska

Cite Soleil - Sun, Dust And Hope

Coal Country: Mountain Top Mining And Real Activists Making A Difference

Dimming The Sun - Sunlight To Earth Is Dropping

Fierce Green Fire - Inspired By The book Of The Same Name by Philip Shabecoff, Narrated By: Meryl Streep And Robert Redford.

Gasland - A documentary About The Process Of Fracking Made By Jeff Fox

Look Up - About Chem Trails From Skyder Alert

Pipe Dreams - Proposed Building Of Keystone XI Pipeline

Sacred And Profaned - About The Beauty And Sacredness Of Water

Taking Root: The Vision Of Wangari Manthai - About Planting Many Trees

A Narrow Path (Excellent) - About John Dear

Water, The Great Mystery By Intention Media, Inc.

YouTube Presentations - On the Internet:

Aerosol Crimes - Clifford Carnicom

Chemtrails - Sr. Rosalie Bertell, Gnsh, Phd

Climate Engineering - Dane Wigington

Cloud Cover - Depleted Uranium In The Body Sr. Rosalie Bertell, Gnsh, Phd

Make It Visible Part I and II - Sr. Rosalie Bertell

Space Weapons Of War-Planet Earth, Part 1-4 Sr. Rosalie Bertell, Gnsh, Phd

The New World Order - Weaponizing Of Space Parts 1-3, Sr. Rosalie Bertell, Gnsh, Phd

Why In The World Are They Spraying - Michael J. Murphy

What In The World Are They Spraying - E. Edward Griffin