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  • My name is Marguerite D'Youville Book Cover
    My Name Is Marguerite D’Youville

    by Diane Dauphinais – Illustrated by Gilles Archambault | Storybook
    A storybook for children about the life of St. Marguerite d’Youville with illustrations and activities.
  • A Journey of Love Pamphlet
    A Journey Of Love; The life Story of Marguerite d’Youville

    by Marie Cecilia Lefevre, SGM and Rose Alma Lemire, SGM | Pamphlet
  • The Spiritual Portrait Of Saint Marguerite D'Youville
    The Spiritual Portrait Of Saint Marguerite D’Youville

    by Estelle Mitchell, SGM | Book (141 pages)
    Originally published in 1977 under the title: "From the Fatherhood of God to the Brotherhood of Mankind" was printed in 1993 under the above title. It was translated from the original French by Sister Joanna Kerwin, Grey Nun of the Sacred Heart, Philadelphia, and Sister Antoinette Bezaire, Grey Nun of Montreal. "The author’s purpose was to help us understand still more deeply the wealth of this remarkable woman’s spiritual life and holiness," from the Preface by Roland Dorris, p.s.s
  • Hands to the Needy Book Cover
    Hands to the Needy

    by Sister Mary Pauline Fitts, GNSH | Book (291 pages)
    Originally published in 1949, this biography of Saint Marguerite d’Youville was reprinted in the year 2000 in commemoration of the 250th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Grey Nuns as a religious organization. Sr. Mary Pauline combines the life of Marguerite with the early history of French Canada to produce a powerful and moving biography of this “Apostle to the Poor.” This is a story of a woman whose life devoted to the needy of the 18th century will inspire many in the 21st century to “go and do likewise.” (Lk 10:37)
  • Mother D'Youville; First Canadian Foundress Book Cover
    Mother d’Youville; First Canadian Foundress

    by Albertine Ferland-Angers | Book (370 pages)
    The translation of this book from the French by Richard Cooper is a most welcome addition to English speaking admirers of Saint Marguerite as well as an inspiration to those who don’t know her. The author has given us a "carefully documented biography" which includes Mother d’Youville’s extant letters. The Preface by Jean-Claude, Cardinal Turcotte describes the book as "the detailed life of this pioneering servant and leader, a woman of action, totally confident in God’s providential care…a model of multiculturalism and ecumenism."
  • Covenant Health Systems
    A Woman of Her Time, A Woman of Our Time

    Video (20 minutes)
    The story of the life and ministry of St. Marguerite d'Youville, Foundress of the Sisters of Charity of Montreal, "Grey Nuns."